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Lizzie Bayley - Profile

As a qualified solicitor with nearly 20 years post qualified experience, Lizzie served as Business Services Director and Senior General Counsel responsible for a range of legal and general support services for Shanks Waste Management Limited, a FTSE250 and waste management and energy company.

She has extensive experience in management both of people and of business and has played a pivotal role in the implementation of regulatory policies as well as helping cement relationships with diverse key stakeholders.

She has a particular specialist knowledge in PFI, energy and the UK waste industry and extensive experience in closing major PFI deals by working with the external legal advisers to deliver the best deal for shareholders whether private or public.

She has helped formulate and implement the legal and risk strategies for businesses across all functions (including financial and operational) and developed strong relationships with key customers through regular and transparent dialogue. She believes that partnering with clients, building trust and a thorough understanding of their business and their commercial objectives is key to delivering the cost effective and timely results they should expect.

She has an excellent track record in establishing, developing and managing in-house legal and business support functions as well as providing general counsel and direction across a wide range of areas including waste, energy, corporate, commercial, infrastructure projects, litigation and disputes, intellectual property, commercial property and competition.

Lizzie was recently appointed Consultant Legal Counsel with Legal Edge a leading legal services company who provide in-house management and support with whom she will work in conjunction with R&L Bayley Associates Limited. She was also recently inducted into Worldwide Branding, which recognised her dedication, leadership and excellence in commercial management.


  • Local Partnerships
  • Legal Edge

Services and Experience

Key Services:
  • Commercial Consultancy
  • Due Diligence
  • In-House legal department development, management and support
  • Development and implementation of Legal and Risk Strategies
  • General Counsel Consultancy.

Key Experience:


  • Sale of Group interests in two PFI SPV companies to a private equity investor in 2010. Acted as Legal lead co-ordinating external legal advisors and reporting to the Group CFO.
  • Acquisition of a Municipal Solid Waste PFI business in 2010 including the rights to bid the Derby PFI Municipal Waste PFI project (currently at Final Bidder stage). Negotiated and finalised the acquisition on behalf of the UK business reporting to the UK Managing Director.
  • Acquisition of the interests in the Wakefield Municipal Waste PFI Contract. Negotiated and finalised the acquisition on behalf of the UK business reporting to the Capital Infrastructure Director.
  • Disposal of the national solid waste collections business to a competitor reporting directly to the Group CFO.


  • Project Development of a renewables energy facility including site acquisition, supply agreements, transmission and interconnection agreements, planning, permitting, leasing, procurement and construction, equipment supply and initial operation and maintenance.
  • Negotiation of the supply of biofuel with leading energy provider to supply its new multi-fuel facility dealing in particular with specification issues and calorific value of the input material.
  • Negotiation of a power purchase agreement on behalf of a joint venture energy operating company.
  • Negotiation of power purchase agreements with other energy offtakers.


  • Successful closure of the Wakefield Municipal Waste PFI contract valued at £750m in January 2013 after seven years of dialogue and negotiation with the client team and funding providers. Management and direction of external legal advisors and co-ordination of the technical, operational, financial and legal interests of the UK business. Negotiations of construction and biofuel offtake contracts.
  • Successful closure of the Barnsley Doncaster and Rotherham Municipal Waste PFI Contract valued at £750 million over the life of the contract which was successfully completed in March 2012 concluding 12 months of negotiation.
  • Successfully negotiating the opening of a waste processing facility with the Environment Agency which had been closed due to alleged breach of Permit.

Infrastructure Projects

  • Project Management of the planning, construction and occupation of a new office build including drafting and negotiation of construction contracts, section 106 agreement, procurement contracts (equipment, furniture) and utility supply contracts


  • Successfully resisted a £1m claim from a leading public sector construction company in respect of the construction of a Materials recycling facility in Northamptonshire.
  • Successfully resisted a £750k claim for breach of contract by a construction consultant. Negotiated and agreed a settlement of less than £100k.
  • Successfully settled a £300k claim by a landowner claiming nuisance due to the presence of biofuel on its land without permission. Settled for £32k

Intellectual Property

  • Successful negotiation of a number of licensing agreements) to allow all parties to use the intellectual property rights of a third party.
  • Negotiated and finalised a number of software licensing agreements as part of the Shanks Group IT project.